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Here's Everything You Get Inside
The Storytelling You

Here's the Total Retail Value of
The Storytelling You

The full Storytelling You training program is a masterclass that takes you through all the techniques and underlying tenets of longform storytelling that have helped me, my former students, and current clients.

Eight modules that walk you through every facet of longform storytelling: from how to identify a great story to how to report it; from how to structure it to how to write; from how to deal with editors good and bad to how to do the whole thing again in a media environment that asks us all to be ever-more entrepreneurial.

Over 60 lessons in total. These include:

  • The best insights from my career and that of the Pulitzers winners, National Magazine Award winners, and best-selling authors I’ve edited and worked with. 

  • A recorded Q&A with a two-time New York Times best-selling author and National Magazine Award finalist on how to succeed on your terms.

  • A bonus module on how to write a book. 

  • Up to 12 hours of AMA-style sessions with me and your fellow students over Zoom. 

  • Three full hours of one-on-one instruction, addressing your most pressing storytelling concerns.

The 15 hours of AMA-style sessions and one-on-one calls over Zoom: Based on my one-on-one client rate, those have a value of $10,000.

The bonus module on book writing: A totally separate course with a value of $3,000, based on the $1 million in revenue I’ve generated in five years of writing books.

The Seven Layers Deep bonus lesson: It retails in Silicon Valley for $20,000 a day.

The course itself. One former student of mine said that what he learned in one month “was more applicable, helpful, and inspiring” than his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas (which costs $58,516 right now). Another former student compared The Storytelling You to his MFA and said it was “on par” with anything he learned there. (An MFA in journalism from Columbia runs close to $200,000 for a two-year degree, according to the school website.) If these former students of mine are an indication, the total value of The Storytelling You is north of $100,000.

Buy The Storytelling You now and you’ll pay just $2,497.

Pay five payments of $499.40


AND OUR GUARANTEE: We guarantee you’ll make back at least double what you invest in the course. To back that up, the Storytelling You team will personally work with you until you earn $5,000 from the course’s lessons. 

Next time we offer the course: WE WILL increase its price.


Enter code FRIEND25 at checkout for 25% off! 

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